The Developer Highway Code Free E Book

The Developer Highway Code, written by Paul Maher of DPE, is a concise handbook that captures and summarizes the key security engineering activities that should be an integral part of the software development process. This companion guide should be a must for any Developer, Architect, Tester etc. undertaking software development...The book is presented in easy to read checklist form, covering essential guidance on writing and releasing secure code. And it is available for free!

“Developers are a most critical component to a more safe computing experience for all computer users in the UK and around the world. Code written for a program or operating system, or process must be able to withstand the most aggressive attempts to ‘break it’. From games to mission-critical operations, secure code will form the base for success or disaster. The Developer Highway Code should be a required reading." Edward P Gibson, Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft Ltd

Where can you get The Developer Highway Code?

Download full book only as a pdf or Download full book only as an xps

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