Mobile Services: request new features, //build// demos, and a new poster

Some interesting things today for fans of Windows Azure Mobile Services, Microsoft’s cloud-based backend solution for mobile device apps…

Mobile Services Feedback Site is Open

I wanted to let you know that the Windows Azure Mobile Services team has opened up their feedback request site for you to provide feedback on and propose new ideas for new Mobile Services features. I’ve already added mine, go add yours!

New Windows Azure Platform Poster

Also, there is a cool new Window Azure platform poster that we made for the //build/ conference, which features Mobile Services prominently.


Check it out:

I hope it shows up soon in Server Posterpedia app.

Checkout Josh’s Demo at //build/

I watched Satya (President of MS Server and Tools) give his keynote this past Wednesday morning at the //build/ conference. The first thing that he talked about was Mobile Services—featuring a smokin’ hot demo by Josh Twist. Satya also called Mobile Services his “favorite” Azure service.

In this demo, Josh creates a new mobile service and a new Windows Store app, hooks-up push notifications, integrates the app with SkyDrive, and triggers a notification from a second Windows Phone 8 app, all in about 5 min. You have to check it out.

I’ve seen a bunch of these demos from Josh, and they are getting better every time. Great job Josh (his demo starts about 11min into Satya’s talk).

Here are two other talks on Mobile Services given at //BUILD/:



Glenn Gailey