RAS Gateway High Availability in Windows Server 2016

If your organization is a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) or an Enterprise with multiple tenants, you can deploy RAS Gateway in multitenant mode to provide network traffic routing to and from virtual and physical networks, including the Internet.

You can deploy RAS Gateway in multitenant mode as an edge gateway to route tenant customer network traffic to tenant virtual networks and resources.

When you deploy multiple instances of RAS Gateway VMs that provide high availability and failover, you are deploying a gateway pool. In Windows Server 2016, RAS Gateway pools can perform any of the individual gateway functions - Internet Key Exchange version 2 (IKEv2) S2S, Layer 3 (L3), and Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) - or the pool can perform all of these functions.

The new topic RAS Gateway High Availability includes information about gateway pool deployment, RAS Gateway integration with Network Controller, Provisioning and Load Balancing of Gateway Connections (IKEv2, L3, and GRE), and more.

For more information, see RAS Gateway High Availability - and Happy New Year!