Forefront Client Security (FCS) update coming to WSUS

Microsoft is releasing an update to the Forefront Client Security (FCS) v1 antimalware client on Thursday, June 18th. This update includes the following changes:

  • Improvements to the FCS kernel-mode driver.
  • A change in how the component object model (COM) is used in Software Explorers. There is an issue present, only in Windows 2000, that causes it to crash.
  • A change to how the FCS engine scans shortcut files(.lnk). The engine can now be configured to query the path to which the shortcut points; if the path is on the local computer it will scan the referenced location, if it is a network location it will not scan the reference.

This update is cumulative, and can be installed on FCS v1 release client as well as all previous antimalware updates.