New product family available to WSUS - Forefront Stirling Beta

Hi WSUS admins,


In the next couple of days, we are adding a new product family to your WSUS server -Forefront Code named Stirling -Beta. The Forefront Code named Stirling -Beta product family will include updates for all Forefront Code named Stirling -Beta products, including Service Packs, Optional updates, Definition updates and Critical or Security updates. For additional information on Forefront Code named Stirling -Beta Products see: These updates will be available through the Microsoft Update Site, and making it available (depending on your settings) via Automatic Update, and to Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

We recommend WSUS administrators having The Forefront Code named Stirling -Beta deployments in their corporation; select this new product family to synchronize associated update classifications of your choice. Additionally, The Forefront Code named Stirling -Beta updates will be available from the Microsoft Update Catalog


Thank you.