New Developer Education for WP7 Games Today on App Hub

Today, as part of the Create Games for Windows Phone 7 Educational Series on App Hub, we’re proud to announce the launch of nine brand-new educational items to make your Windows Phone 7 games even better.


Check out the Educational Roadmap to download these and other great educational items. Here’s what you’ll find there:


Honeycomb Rush Lab

Take this complete 2D action lab for a spin - avoid the bees and steal as much honey as you can before time runs out. Build it from scratch or modify the finished version; the choice is yours.

Card Game Starter Kit: Blackjack

Interested in building a card game? This starter kit for Windows Phone, Xbox 360 and Windows includes an easily-extensible card game framework and drawing system; Blackjack is included to get you started.

Avoiding the Windows Phone Watchdog

If you're planning to take your game onto Windows Phone 7 hardware, read this article to learn about the Watchdog, and get tips on how to keep your application safe from it.

Camera Shake

Add an immersive camera shaking and controller or phone vibration effect to your Windows Phone, Xbox 360, or Windows game.

Path Drawing

Take full advantage of touch input; learn how to make a game object follow a path drawn on the screen by touch.

Split Screen

Render using multiple viewports in Windows Phone, Xbox 360, and Windows; used for multiplayer games - or anywhere you want multiple views of a scene at once.

Tilt Perspective

Using the accelerometer on Windows Phone 7, this sample gives the player's view an unparalleled sense of depth.

User Interface Controls

Use this set of extensible control classes to simplify scrolling lists, page flipping, and panels for your game's user interface.

Games for WP7 - Talks at PDC

Get real-world insight into Windows Phone 7 features and performance optimization for games by watching the pros at this year's PDC; available for on-demand streaming.


Grab all of these items today on the Educational Roadmap!