Submitting Feedback About Expression Web

We have a new Connect website setup for you to submit suggestions and bug reports about Expression Web or any other Expression product, including Expression Blend, Expression Design, Expression Media, and Expression Media Encoder:

Up until now, the Expression Web team has used the Connect: Expression Web site to gather bug reports and suggestions from Expression Web users like you. The team behind Expression Web regularly reviewed these submissions – and you have sent us some excellent feedback, thank you! On Friday August 17th, 2007 we will take down the existing Expression Web program in Connect and transition over to the Connect website we have setup for all Expression Studio products. 

The Connect website for Expression Studio provides a feedback form that allows you to submit feedback for any program in the Expression Studio line of products, including Expression Web. The feedback you submit for Expression Web continues to go directly to the Expression Web development team, and you can still vote on, validate, and comment on the feedback of others.

Although feedback you and others have submitted to the original Connect website for Expression Web is not available within the new Expression Studio Connect website, all previous feedback remains active in our internal database which we use to track issues and feature requests.

Thanks again for all of your feedback, please continue providing it, and we look forward to your participation in the new Connect: Expression Studio website!