Introducing the ASP.NET Web API Help Page (Preview)

Today, following the announcement of the official release for ASP.NET Web API , we also released a preview for the ASP.NET Web API Help Page, which is available as a NuGet package. This package automatically generates help page content for Web APIs on your site. Visitors to your help page can use this content to learn how to call your web APIs. Everything generated by the help page is fully customizable using ASP.NET MVC and Razor.

Here is a quick intro video to get you started.


In the next few weeks I’m planning to publish a series of blog posts that will cover the following help page scenarios:

Part 1: Basic Help Page customizations

Changing the help page URI

Providing API documentations

Customizing the view

Part 2: Providing custom samples on the Help Page

Setting custom sample objects

Setting the samples when the action returns an HttpResponseMessage

Part 3: Advanced Help Page customizations

Adding additional information to the HelpPageApiModel

Creating new sample display templates

Give it a try and play with the help page preview package. We would love to hear your comments and feedbacks.