It used to be “write once - deploy anywhere”

Not so long ago, there was a catchy phrase we used in regards to developing, “write once – deploy anywhere.” Regardless of your programming preferences - .NET, Java, C/C++, this statement continues to be challenged as it is not really that easy to write once and deploy anywhere, it is more like, “write once – test everywhere…” But now, instead of targeting a specific OS such as Windows, Mac, or Linux, when  people says “write once - deploy anywhere,” what they superpreviewforiereally mean is write once and deploy on every available browser. As announced at the Mix 09 Day 1 Keynote, with the new Expression Web SuperPreview (one of the coolest features announced for Web Developers), this statement seems to be true for both standard html as well as Silverlight applications. Code your markup, and compare it to Firefox, Safari, IE6, and even to your PhotoShop comps to make sure that your design is pixel-perfect! Indeed, these are truly exciting times. You can download the SuperPreview trial here and can find a more detailed session on from Mix 09 here: Microsoft Expression Web: No Platform Left Behind.