Ignite 2017 - Azure Security Center Domination!

I've been to all editions of Microsoft Ignite so far, 2015 in Chicago, 2016 in Atlanta, 2017 in Orlando, and I've never seen this level of excitement for Azure in general. Same applies to Azure Security Center, previous year was most likely: "What's this Azure Security Center", while this year was more like: "We are using Security Center, and I saw this new feature at the keynote, can you explain more about it?". I worked all days at the Azure Security Center booth, I talked to many customers about what Security Center is able to do, and the feedback was always positive. BTW, thank you all for visiting our booth, it was great talking to you.

Since we are talking about new features in Security Center, watch the presentation that I delivered with Meir about some of these new features, including Investigation and Playbooks.

For more information about Azure Security Center, go to our official documentation page.