Leveraging Azure Security Center Capabilities in a PCI DSS Compliant Environment

It is important to start this conversation by saying that PCI DSS encompasses more than Azure Security Center, however Security Center plays a key role on that, as described in the architecture diagram from Azure Security and Compliance Blueprint - PCI DSS-compliant Payment Processing environments article, shown below:

Image extracted from this article

The first step is to understand the PCI DSS requirements, and from there understand the goals and requirements. You should also use the responsibility matrix spreadsheet that has a comprehensive list of requirements, the controls and the implementation details. In this matrix you will also find the PCI DSS Requirements that Security Center can help, which are: 

Read each one of those requirements above, and notice that under responsibilities, there is a line for customer (PCI-DSS Blueprint) , there you will find the example of how Security Center was used to help the fictitious organization Contoso to be compliant with PCI DSS.