New Books Hitting the Market

I would like to take some time today to bring to y’all attention some new books that are out there on Forefront UAG and TMG technologies. My buddies Ben Ari and Ran Dolev (both from CSS UAG Team) are finishing writing the new Microsoft Forefront UAG 2010 Administrator's Handbook, since those guys are very sharp on UAG you surely can expect a great content. Another new book out there about TMG is from the Forefront MVP Tamás Gál, more info about the book (in Hungarian) is available here. Now that me and Tomas pretty much finished writing the Forefront books series (see previous blog post) I can take some time to finish another project that I’m working since December last year, which is the Security+ Certification Guide book (in Portuguese only). This one I should be done writing by next month (October) and the book will be released in Brazil by April 2011, more info will be available at