Unable to Install ISA BPA

Today while troubleshooting in ISA Server issue I had to install ISABPA in order to get an ISA Data Packager in repro mode. When the admin was trying to install ISABPA we got the following error:




The user that was trying to execute this setup was the local admin of the ISA Box, no software restriction policy was applied to this box…arghh…now I have to troubleshoot why BPA doesn’t install to them troubleshoot the real issue, nice !!


With a little help of Process Monitor I found that when launching this file, the windows shell process (explorer.exe) reads HKKU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Internet Settings to determine the zone as shown below:




From that I found KB182569 that explains in details how this registry key works and what the options are. The problem was a setting on Internet Explorer 7 called “Launching applications and unsafe files” , after changing setting that for prompt, the issue was fixed we were able to install ISABPA.