Windows Azure S2S Connectivity Troubleshooting – Call for Collaboration

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a Hybrid IT Project using Windows Azure. The Design Considerations for this project is already documented here and probably next week we will be releasing the Implementation Guide for this project which is based on those considerations. During this project I learned a lot of things about Azure, mainly some of the caveats while implementing Site to Site VPN. I’m sure this is a scenario that will be growing a lot as companies start to realize the full potential of having some resources located on Azure Platform while they keep other resources on-premise, for this reason I created a Wiki Article called Troubleshooting Connectivity between Windows Azure VM and On-Premise resource documenting some scenarios that I experienced throughout this project. You probably know that I’m a Wiki Advocate, I truly believe on the power of the community to enhance content and with this article it won’t be different, because it is there and I fully encourage you to start adding more scenarios and troubleshooting steps to help others overcome challenges while implementing Windows Azure Site to Site VPN.

Let’s help the community with our experiences from the field….it is a win for all of us!