Adding comments to a DataTip

Versions:  2010
Published:  2/4/2010
Code:  vstipDebug0007


You can now add comments to your DataTips Sometimes you just want to make a comment to remind yourself about something in a DataTip (pinned or floating) and now you can!  Here's how you do it:

  1. Enter Debug Mode

  2. Put your mouse pointer over a variable in the current scope; you should see something like this:


  3. Click on the pin to create a pinned DataTip:


  4. Put your mouse over the pinned tip until you see this control area (NOTE: you may need to look around a bit as it may not be close by):


  5. Do you see the chevrons at the bottom?  (the double "V" thingy for the short-bus kids out there)


  6. Click on it!  You should see something like this on your DataTip (NOTE:  this illustration shows a floating DataTip):


  7. Type in some comments and bask in the glory that is comments for DataTips.