Code Metrics: Working with Columns

Windows: Alt, V, M (press several times), Enter

Menu: View | Other Windows | Code Metrics Results

Command: View.CodeMetricsResults

SKU: Premium, Ultimate

Versions: 2008, 2010

Languages: C++ (managed only), C#, VB

Code: vstipTool0138



The last top on our tour of the Code Metrics Results window is how to work with columns. Sadly the tool window is surprisingly lacking in some features we see in other windows. Let’s take a look at some of the features when working with columns.


Adding or Removing Columns

Choosing the columns you want is really easy. Just use the Add/Remove Columns button:



Or right-click anywhere in the window and choose Add/Remove Columns:



You get a dialog that allows you to select the columns you want to be visible:





You can sort by any column by clicking on the column header which gives an indicator for ascending or descending sorts respectively:

image image


Unfortunately, you can’t do multicolumn sorting in this window but hopefully it will be added at a later date. Also, you can’t rearrange the column order in this window.