IntelliTrace Debugging Deep Dive Session is Available for Download



Folks, apologies for going dark for a few weeks but I have been heads down in the creation of some new IntelliTrace content.  I’ve put together a set of labs and slide decks that you can use to train yourself and/or train others on how to use this to full advantage.  You can find the entire package here:


The contents are built on top of Brian Keller’s amazing work with his virtual machine and labs that can be found here:


Here is a quick look at the contents:

Presentation Materials

· Slide Deck for presenting at an event

· Titles and Abstracts for informing others about the event

· Demo Quick Snippets for use when presenting to cut down on the demonstration time if needed

You can (and should) modify the materials to suit your needs. For example, to put on the one hour version of this session you would need to cut out several slides from the original deck. Feel free to modify as needed for your organization.



IntelliTrace Labs

· Lab Manual for demonstration or instructor-led lab sessions

· Any supplemental material required to complete the labs including project files


Contents of the Lab Manual


Lab 1: IntelliTrace Events

Lab 2: IntelliTrace with Call Information

Lab 3: Creating Log Files

Lab 4: IntelliTrace CAB

Lab 5: Collection Plans

Lab 6: IntelliTrace Everywhere with ASP.NET

Lab 7: Debugging with IntelliTrace Files

Lab 8: IntelliTrace Everywhere with Other .NET Applications

Lab 9: IntelliTrace Everywhere with Microsoft Test Manager

Lab 10: Configuring Symbols

Lab 11: Using Symbols





· Collection Plans folder with sample collection plans for use with Visual Studio or IntelliTrace Everywhere as indicated by the folder name

· IntelliTrace Everywhere Best Practices document that has a summary of the best practices mentioned in the labs and slide deck

· IntelliTrace configuration tool obtained from
Included in these materials with permission from the tool’s author, Vlatko Ivanovski