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Gadgets: Build Your Own Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget

A Sidebar gadget is a powerful little too that's surprisingly easy to create. Get in on the fun with Donavon West. Donavon West

WPF: Flexible Content Display With Flow Documents

Markus Egger discusses all the flexibility and power of flow documents in Windows Presentation Foundation Markus Egger

OPC: A New Standard For Packaging Your Data

Open Packaging Conventions (OPC) defines a structured means for storing application data together with related resources. Learn about the benefits here. Jack Davis and Andrey Shur

Office Apps: Extend Your VBA Code With VSTO

VSTO brings you the full feature set of Visual Studio including LINQ, WPF, WCF, and the .NET Framework 3.5. Paul Stubbs and Kathleen McGrath

Excel Services: Develop A Calculation Engine For Your Apps

The Excel Services architecture lets users design their own algorithms and share workbooks on a server. Vishwas Lele and Pyush Kumar

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Editor's Note: Thanks for the Memories!

Stephen Toub gets nostalgic as he prepares to leave MSDN Magazine.Stephen Toub

Toolbox: Create Graphs, Send E-Mail, Spell-Check, and More

Turn boring data into stunning graphs, create, parse, send, and receive mail messages from code, and more.Scott Mitchell

CLR Inside Out: Collections Best Practices

This month Inbar Gazit shows readers how to get the most out of the System.Collections namespace.Inbar Gazit

Basic Instincts: Query Comprehensions

Scott Wisniewski digs into LINQ and builds a custom query provider to create queries in real-world apps.Scott Wisniewski

Office Space: Solution Deployment with SharePoint 2007

WSS 3.0 introduces a new deployment mechanism that lets you move your development efforts into a staging or production environment.Ted Pattison

Cutting Edge: Canceling Server Tasks with ASP.NET AJAX

This month Dino explains how to remotely cancel tasks running on the server using ASP.NET AJAX.Dino Esposito

Extreme ASP.NET: Web Client Software Factory

The Web Service Software Factory is designed to provide guidance and enhanced tools for building Web services using ASMX or WCF.Fritz Onion

Foundations: Declarative WCF Security

Juval Lowy designs easily configured security settings for applications built on Windows Communication Foundation.Juval Lowy

Netting C++: Configuration with XML

Stanley B. Lippman explores the use of C++/CLI as a pure Microsoft .NET Framework-compliant language.Stanley B. Lippman

Windows with C++: Windows Vista Control Enhancements

With the release of Windows Vista, C++ developers will be happy to know there's plenty of magic left to perform. This new column will provide the necessary insight.Kenny Kerr

{ End Bracket }: Dependency Management

Dependency management, in which one group provides a software component to be utilized by others, can really benefit from some structure and collaborative efforts.Eric N. Bush