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Map LINQ: Create Dynamic Maps with Visual Basic 9.0 and WPF

Scott Wisniewski uses Windows Presentation Foundation data binding along with LINQ and new XML features in Visual Basic to build an interactive app that maps demographic data. Scott Wisniewski

VSTO: Build Office-Based Solutions Using WPF, WCF, And LINQ

With Visual Studio Tools for Office you can easily build Office-based services that harness the power of Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, and LINQ. Andrew Whitechapel

Cmdlets: Extend Windows PowerShell With Custom Commands

Jim Truher presents an introduction to writing and registering your own custom cmdlets to be used in Windows PowerShell. Jim Truher

Interop: Connect To Mainframe Apps With BizTalk Adapters and .NET

If you have a significant investment in legacy COBOL applications running on mainframes, you need the BizTalk Adapters for Host Integration Server . Bashar “Bash” Badawi

Security: Authenticate Users Across Organizations Using ADFS

Jack Couch looks at how to set up ADFS and when to use it; he then shows how to connect to an outside organization to offer single sign-on. Jack Couch

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Editor's Note: Take a Deep Breath

This month Howard Dierking reflects on 2007 and looks forward to exciting possibilities in 2008.Howard Dierking

Toolbox: Live Chat, Code Conversion, Multiple Monitors, and More

This month, more of the tools you need to get your job done.Scott Mitchell

CLR Inside Out: Writing Reliable .NET Code

Here's a look at how code fails and techniques for writing more reliable and resilient managed code.Alessandro Catorcini and Brian Grunkemeyer

Data Points: Data Binding in WPF

WPF is one of the most important new technologies in the .NET Framework 3.0. This month John Papa introduces its data binding capabilities.John Papa

Cutting Edge: Inside the Microsoft AJAX Library

Dino Esposito introduces the Microsoft AJAX Library and the JavaScript library for ASP.NET AJAX 1.0.Dino Esposito

Test Run: UI Automation with Windows PowerShell

This installment of Test Run is a guide to using Windows PowerShell to perform ultra lightweight UI automation.Dr. James McCaffrey

Service Station: Extending WCF with Custom Behaviors

WCF extensibility points allow you to customize the process by which messages are translated, formatted, and sent over the wire for more customized services.Aaron Skonnard

Netting C++: EEK!—Time to Design the Mouse

This month begins the design of the actual mouse class for EEK!Stanley B. Lippman

.NET Matters: IFileOperation in Windows Vista

The author creates a managed wrapper to use the new IFileOperations interface in Windows Vista from managed code.Stephen Toub

Windows with C++: Windows Template Library 8.0

Kenny Kerr takes a look at Windows Template Library (WTL) support for new Windows Vista control enhancements, including task dialogs, Aero wizards, and open file dialogs.Kenny Kerr

{ End Bracket }: You Should Learn SharePoint

Robert Bogue explains five reasons why you should make learning Microsoft SharePoint Technologies a priority, including its framework for user interface components and the embedded search engine.Robert Bogue