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Least Privilege: Teach Your Apps To Play Nicely With Windows Vista User Account Control

User Account Control in Windows Vista keeps the OS safe from intentional and accidental configuration changes. Chris Corio

Vista and Office: View Data Your Way With Our Managed Preview Handler Framework

Stephen Toub shows you how to write your own Preview handlers for Windows Vista and Outlook 2007. Stephen Toub

SideShow Gadgets: Get Started Writing Gadgets For Windows SideShow Devices

SideShow Gadgets for Windows Vista are cool. Writing your own is even better. Find out how it's done. Jeffrey Richter

Desktop Security: Create Custom Login Experiences With Credential Providers For Windows Vista

Why is a change to the Windows logon plug-in interface so exciting? Because with credential providers you can customize the logon experience for your users. Dan Griffin

Worldly Windows: Extend The Global Reach Of Your Applications With Unicode 5.0

When using global applications, people want to communicate with others on their terms, in their own languages. Unicode 5.0 brings that ideal closer to reality. Julie D. Allen, Michael S. Kaplan, Cathy Wissink

Debug Leaky Apps: Identify And Prevent Memory Leaks In Managed Code

When is the .NET Garbage Collector unable to reclaim memory? The answer might surprise you. Stay tuned. James Kovacs

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Editor's Note: A New Year—A New Vista

Josh Trupin revs the engine to get us all ready for Windows Vista.Joshua Trupin

Toolbox: Save Coding Time, Manage Compressed Files, and More

Save Coding Time, Manage Compressed Files, and MoreScott Mitchell

CLR Inside Out: Introduction to COM Interop

The CLR allows seamless interactions between Microsoft .NET applications and COM. But how, exactly? The CLR team knows.Thottam R. Sriram

Data Points: Column Expressions, DataRelations, and Computations

This month John Papa fields some of his favorite questions regarding data manipulation with ADO.NET.John Papa

Cutting Edge: The Server Side of ASP.NET Pages

Where are the files generated by ASP.NET stored and how are they used to serve page requests? This month Cutting Edge explains.Dino Esposito

Foundations: Using Templates to Customize WPF Controls

This month we welcome Charles Petzold to MSDN Magazine with his first column on building apps for Windows Vista and the .Microsoft NET Framework 3.0.Charles Petzold

Team System: Team Foundation Server Version Control

In this new column, Brian Randell begins his long look at how to extend and enhance Visual Studio Team System.Brian A. Randell

Extreme ASP.NET: Client-Side Web Service Calls with AJAX Extensions

Microsoft AJAX Library and the ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions provide a number of compelling features ranging from client-side data binding, to DHTML animations and behaviors. Learn all about them here.Fritz Onion

Security Briefs: Using Protocol Transition—Tips from the Trenches

Now that Windows Server 2003 is widely deployed, Keith Brown addresses questions from readers who are trying to use protocol transition to build secure gateways into their intranets.Keith Brown

{End Bracket}: From Bouncy Balls to Better Estimates

This month End Bracket explores the reasons why predicting the amount of development effort is extremely difficult early in a project.James Waletzky