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C# 3.0: The Evolution Of LINQ And Its Impact On The Design Of C#

LINQ gives allows developers to take advantage of the power of queries. Find out how it came to be. Anson Horton

VISUAL BASIC: Unleash The Power Of Query In Visual Studio "Orcas"

LINQ, coming in the next version Visual Studio, codename "Orcas", adds type-safe data querying to .NET languages. Ting Liang and Kit George

C++: An Inside Look At The Next Generation Of Visual C++

The next version of Visual Studio (code-named “Orcas”) will help C++ developers take full advantage of the new capabilities in Windows Vista. Tarek Madkour

OFFICE UI: New VSTO Features Help You Customize Word And Outlook

See how to use Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office System to build powerful custom applications against the 2007 Microsoft Office system. Steve Fox and Paul Stubbs

SILVERLIGHT: Get Started Building A Deeper Experience Across The Web

Build rich, compelling, cross-platform, interactive applications with Microsoft Silverlight. Laurence Moroney

CONCURRENCY: Synchronization Primitives New To Windows Vista

Windows Vista has lots of goodies for native C++ developers including condition variables, slim reader/writer locks, and one-time initialization. Robert Saccone and Alexander Taskov

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Editor's Note: Visual Studio at 10

Ruminations on ten years of Visual Studio.Joshua Trupin

Toolbox: XML Comments, Online Payments, and More

This month, online payment processing services, XML comments the easy way, and more.Scott Mitchell

CLR Inside Out: Reflections on Reflection

This month's installment of CLR Inside Out takes on reflection and the System.Reflection namespace.Mike Repass

Data Points: SQL Server Management Objects

SQL Server Management Objects offer developers a robust toolset for backing up and restoring databases, and issuing DDL commands, as John Papa explains.John Papa

Advanced Basics: Using RibbonX from Visual Basic

Ken Getz prepares Visual Basic developers to use RibbonX.Ken Getz

Cutting Edge: Transactional Workflows

When modeling business logic, workflows inevitably represent transactional tasks, so you need to know how to code transactional semantics in the Windows Workflow Foundation.Dino Esposito

Service Station: WCF Addressing In Depth

This month Aaron Skonnard looks at addressing details surrounding endpoint communication, many of which enable more advanced messaging scenarios.Aaron Skonnard

Wicked Code: UpdatePanel Tips and Tricks

Jeff Prosise explains when it's better to use UpdatePanel and when it's better to use asynchronous calls to WebMethods or page methods instead.Jeff Prosise

Foundations: ActivityExecutionContext in Workflows

This month Matt Milner explains a critical component in the execution, persistence, and compensation of workflows.Matt Milner

Concurrent Affairs: Asynchronous Device Operations

Jeff Richter uses the AsyncResult<TResult> class to implement the CLR’s Asynchronous Programming Model to perform hardware device operations asynchronously.Jeffrey Richter

Netting C++: EEK! An Introduction

Stanley Lippman begins a look at using C++/CLI as a purely .NET-compliant language.Stanley B. Lippman

.NET Matters: Handling Messages in Console Apps

Many developers who use the Microsoft .NET Framework think that application type is tied to the libraries that can be used in that application. Stephen Toub clarifies.Stephen Toub

{ End Bracket }: Proud to Be a Developer

A developer doesn't just code; he or she writes code that is fast, reliable, well-tested, secure, maintainable and globalizable.Adam Barr