February 2009

Volume 24 Number 02

February 2009 Code Downloads

February 2009

Cutting Edge - Managing Dynamic Content Delivery In Silverlight, Part 2

This month Dino continues his look at managing dynamic Silverlight content by discussing caching and isolated storage.
VB version

Patterns - WPF Apps With The Model-View-ViewModel Design Pattern

In this article we explain just how simple it can be to build a WPF application the right way using the MVVM Pattern.
VB version

Silverlight - Build Line-Of-Business Enterprise Apps With Silverlight, Part 2

Here we wrap up the call center client application we began last month. The techniques we illustrate will help you build real-world enterprise solutions using Silverlight.
VB version

.NET Interop - Getting Started With IronRuby And RSpec, Part 1

See how IronRuby lets you employ the straightforward Ruby language to create acceptance tests that interoperate with .NET-compliant code.

MSBuild - Best Practices For Creating Reliable Builds, Part 1

This article describes some basic practices and techniques that you can use in MSBuild to better manage and control your build projects in Visual Studio.
VB version

Data Points - Syndicated Data And Isolated Storage In Silverlight

Here we build a syndicated news reader application to illustrate the use of isolated storage and data syndication in Silverlight.

Foundations - Error Handling In Workflows

Workflows often define long-running processes and an unhandled failure usually means termination. Avoid this scenario by handling exceptions properly.
VB version

Under The Table - Spatial Data Support In SQL Server 2008

New spatial data support in SQL Server 2008 opens the door to mapping and querying geometric and geographic data, allowing you to build exciting new applications.