July 2010

Volume 25 Number 07

July 2010 Code Downloads

July 2010

Cutting Edge - Expando Objects in C# 4

The .NET Framework 4 introduces some new features that enable you to go beyond static types. We explore dynamically expando objects and demonstrate how they can be used like dynamically updatable dictionary objects.

Data Points - Microsoft Azure Table Storage – Not Your Father’s Database

Let go of your traditional relational database thinking if you want to understand how Azure Table storage works, says Julie Lerman. Luckily for you, she’s done the hard work to grasp the new concepts and help you get up to speed.

UI Frontiers - The Fluid UI in Silverlight 4

Charles Petzold shows how to extend the limited fluid UI capabilities of Silverlight 4 with new techniques so you too can dazzle users with those cool object entrances and transitions.