June 2010

Volume 25 Number 06

June 2010 Code Downloads

June 2010

Cloud Diagnostics - Take Control of Logging and Tracing in Windows Azure

It’s difficult to troubleshoot any application without a trail of clues to follow, and cloud apps are no different. We look at how logging and tracing are enabled for Windows Azure, and how you can use Windows PowerShell to manage diagnostics for a running service.
Part 2

Input Validation - Enforcing Complex Business Data Rules with WPF

Windows Presentation Foundation has a rich data binding system that includes flexible support for business data validation. We take a look at implementing some complex data input validation scenarios that include customized data errors for users.

Silverlight Online - Silverlight in an Occasionally Connected World

We discuss the latest incarnation of occasionally connected Silverlight applications, which come with a highly interactive user experience and can run either inside or outside of a browser.

Test Run - Generating Graphs with WPF

A common software-development task is generating a graph from a set of test-related data. But if you're doing it by hand and the underlying data changes frequently, this particular task can become quite tedious. James McCaffrey shows you how to automate the process using Windows Presentation Foundation technology.

The Working Programmer - Going NoSQL with MongoDB, Part 2

Ted Neward continues his dissection of the alternative MongoDB database system, using exploration testing to investigate the underlying technology.

UI Frontiers - The Ins and Outs of ItemsControl

Charles Petzold performs more UI magic by implementing a variation of the drag-and-drop that presents users with a natural, fluid look and feel.