October 2010

Volume 25 Number 10

October 2010 Code Downloads

October 2010

Bing Map Apps - Building a Real-Time Transit Application Using the Bing Map App SDK

Learn how to use the free Bing Map App SDK as we walk you through the creation of a real-time transit application for bus routes in King County and show you how to submit apps to the Bing Map site.

Embedded Programming - Connected Devices Using the .NET Micro Framework

Learn how .NET Framework programmers can now easily develop apps for the increasing number of small devices that are becoming interconnected—while you build your very own bicycle computer!

Forecast: Cloudy - Performance-Based Scaling in Windows Azure

One of the great features of cloud computing is the ability to scale up or down to serve the needs of the application owner. We’ll show you a technique for programmatically scaling your app in Windows Azure based on application performance.

Mobile Apps - Getting Started with Windows Phone Development Tools

Windows Phone 7 has shipped, and now it’s your turn to start developing apps for it. We’ll introduce you to the Windows Phone Developer Tools and walk you through the creation of a Windows Phone application that accesses a web service.

UI Frontiers - Multi-Touch Inertia

One of the ways in which a multi-touch interface attempts to mimic the real world is by introducing inertia. We’ll show you how easy this is to duplicate in your own WPF apps.

WCF Architecture - AppFabric Service Bus Discovery

Learn how to roll your own discovery mechanism as we walk you through a small framework the author wrote to support discovery over the service bus, bringing it on par with the built-in support for discovery in WCF.