December 2015

Volume 30 Number 13

December 2015 Code Downloads

Data Points - Aurelia Meets DocumentDB: A Matchmaker’s Journey, Part 2

In the second of her two-part series detailing the difficulties in learning how to use DocumentDB and the Aurelia framework together, Julie Lerman presents the path to the solution that ultimately proved successful.

Game Development - Babylon.js: Building a Basic Game for the Web

Raanan Weber begins his two-part series on game development with Babylon.js by building a simple bowling game. Follow along as he creates meshes and textures them, adds cameras and light sources, and enables simple user interaction.

Xamarin - Build a Cross-Platform UX with Xamarin.Forms

My goal would be to educate the reader on how to code Xamarin Forms Pages. However, I would also like to cover how each platform provides navigation and presents content and relate this to the options available within Xamarin Forms. This is important because each page type that Xamarin Forms provides is really just an abstraction that is mapped to each platform (Android, iOS, and WP). Developers who have been tied to one platform and are eager to branch out will like this article.