January 2015 Code Downloads

Big Data - Protect Your Online Services with Big Data and Machine Learning

This article explores how big data and machine learning techniques are used to protect the online assets in the Microsoft Application & Services Group, including large services like Bing and MSN properties.
VB version

Microsoft Azure - Occasionally Connected Data in Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Learn how Xamarin and Microsoft Azure Mobile Services enable cross-platform mobile apps to work regardless of connectivity and to synchronize data gracefully with the cloud in Windows, iOS and Android.

Test Run - Logistic Regression Classification with Multi-Swarm Optimization

James McCaffrey takes a look at one of the most fundamental forms of machine learning—logistic regression classification—and presents a technique called multi-swarm optimization that can be used for training.
VB version

Windows Phone 8.1 - Adding Application Data to the Windows Phone 8.1 Map Control

In his second article on the mapping capabilities of Windows Phone 8.1, Keith Pijanowski shows you how to get application data into the map control and how to use that data so your maps can be used offline as well.
VB version