April 2018

Volume 33 Number 4

April 2018 Code Downloads

Azure - Deploying Containerized ASP.NET Core Applications to Azure

Last month, Srikantan Sankaran explored how vehicle insurance policies generated by an agency could be stored securely in Azure Key Vault as secrets. Those applications were deployed to Azure App Service as Web apps. Now Sankaran shows how to deploy these applications to Azure Container Services for Kubernetes (AKS).

Data Points - EF Core 2 Owned Entities and Temporary Work-Arounds

The current version of EF Core doesn’t allow properties based on value objects to be null, and there’s no way to replace properties that contain a value object. Julie Lerman presents work-arounds that let you get past these temporary limitations.

Machine Learning - Sensors in Sports: Analyzing Human Movement with AI

Human movement analysis is a fascinating area of AI. Using Microsoft technology and sensors from partners, the authors worked with athletes and coaches to analyze G-force load, turn detection and stress. Learn how to apply Microsoft technologies in sports, using samples and code included in Sensor Kit, in R, Python, C# and Cosmos DB.

Test Run - Understanding LSTM Cells Using C#

Long short-term memory (LSTM) cells can be used to construct LSTM recurrent neural networks. These networks have been responsible for major advances in prediction systems that work with sequence data. James McCaffrey demonstrate how to implement an LSTM cell using C#.