August 2018

Volume 33 Number 8

August 2018 Code Downloads

Cutting Edge - Social-Style Notifications with ASP.NET Core SignalR

Want to enrich your Web application with social network-style notifications? Let’s see how to do it with ASP.NET Core SignalR.

Data Points - Deep Dive into EF Core HasData Seeding

The ability to seed data when running migrations disappeared in in the transition from EF6 to EF Core, but EF Core 2.1 brings a new mechanism for doing this that’s a nice improvement over the workflow that existed in earlier versions of Entity Framework.

Test Run - Introduction to Q-Learning Using C#

Reinforcement learning (RL) is a branch of machine learning that tackles problems where there’s no explicit training data with known, correct output values. Q-learning is an algorithm that can be used to solve some types of RL problems. James McCaffrey explains how Q-learning works and provides an example program.