December 2018

Volume 33 Number 12

December 2018 Code Downloads

Artificially Intelligent - Market Basket Analysis

Market Basket Analysis, also known as Affinity Analysis, is a modeling technique based on the theory that if a customer buys a certain group of items, he or she is more likely to purchase another group of items. Frank La Vigne explores the workings of this effective recommendation system.

Cognitive Services - Gain Insight from Conversations Using Process Mining with LUIS

To enable engaging conversations between chatbots and users, you need to go beyond the utterance level to understand their interactions. It’s especially important to understand the flow of intents in such dialogs. Getting insights about conversational flows can help you identify areas in which the bot requires improvement to make the conversation more productive and satisfying.

Cutting Edge - Blazor Custom Components

Dino Esposito explains how Blazor components raise the abstraction level of the markup language used to describe static and interactive content.

Internet of Things - Rapid IoT Development with Azure IoT Central

Learn how to use Azure IoT Central to create a custom IoT Central app that shows telemetry data, device location and its settings, and two key performance indicators.

Test Run - Autoencoders for Visualization Using CNTK

James McCaffrey shows how you can create a CNTK neural network autoencoder to condense each item down to two dimensions, in order to enhance visualization of the data.