MSDN Flash - Volume 19, Number 21: October 19, 2015

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A New Era of Windows 10 Devices from Microsoft

Windows 10: Things to Consider when Designing Your Universal Windows App

Microsoft Press special offer: Go digital and save 90%

Create Apps for the Web Using Node.js on Azure

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Webinar: Scale Entity Framework Apps with Distributed Caching

Discover 52 tips to improve your .NET performance

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Develop a Windows 10 App with the Microsoft Band SDK
Microsoft Band provides powerful SDKs and community support for multiple platforms – Windows, Android and iOS. In this article, Kevin Ashley shows you how to build an app using the Microsoft Band SDK for Windows 10.

A Split-and-Merge Expression Parser in C#
Vassili Kaplan presents a C# implementation of the split-and-merge algorithm for parsing a string containing a mathematical expression. This algorithm represents an alternative to Dijkstra’s algorithm, published more than half a century ago.

Coroutines in Visual C++ 2015
Learn how concurrency has been updated in Visual Studio 2015 with an experimental compiler option called /await that unlocks an implementation of coroutines directly supported by the compiler.

Linear Discriminate Analysis Using C#
James McCaffrey examines linear discriminate analysis – one of the oldest approaches to solving binary classification problems – and concludes that while the math is elegant, other algorithms may be more practical.

RStudio and Azure Machine Learning
In part 5 of DevRadio’s Azure Machine Learning series, Technical Evangelist Sam Stokes recaps R and Azure Machine Learning. Stokes demos how to use tools used by data scientists to create statistical models, and how Azure Machine Learning makes this easier to accomplish.

Build cross-platform mobile apps with Angular or Backbone
Learn how to develop mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Windows. Technical Evangelist Dr. Doris Chen demonstrates a “to do” app using Angular and Backbone, with access to native device capabilities. She compares the frameworks when transported to the world of mobile app development.

Implementing Entity Framework with MVC
Adam Tuliper and Christopher Harrison show how Entity Framework (EF) can simplify your work. Since almost every website you create is a front end to a database, managing data effectively is key. A robust object/relational mapping (ORM) tool is critical. That’s why EF is a must-have for developers.

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC
Experts Jon Galloway and Christopher Harrison highlight what developers new to MVC need in order to quickly build a professional-quality website that looks great on multiple devices. Explore Visual Studio and lots of helpful tools, like scaffolding, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

October 21: Introduction to React.js
Expand your web dev toolbox. Christopher Harrison and Jon Galloway offer a fun-filled session on this easy-to-learn library for building UI. Take a look at its unique JavaScript templating language, compare it to other front-end frameworks (jQuery, Knockout, and Angular.js), and explore React.js with single-page applications.

Microsoft for Startups: An Interview with John Brengman from Radication Games
Continuing DevRadio’s Microsoft for Startups series, Technical Evangelist David Giard welcomes John Brengman, team leader for Radication Games, to the show. Learn about their gaming startup, what they do, and how they do it using Microsoft BizSpark and Azure.

Building Responsive UI with Bootstrap
Create web pages that work across platforms and scale well to different screen sizes. Popular experts Jon Galloway and Christopher Harrison take you through what you need to know to get up and running in Bootstrap. To get the most from this course, some HTML, JavaScript, and CSS experience is necessary.

Developing for the Microsoft Band
Learn how to develop applications that take advantage of the Microsoft Band by accessing the full range of sensor data – including heart rate, accelerometer, gyroscope and skin temperature – to build interesting experiences. We’ll create tiles for glanceable notifications and personalize your app’s color and wallpaper.

October 28: JavaScript for Experienced Developers
C#, C++, or Java developers: interested in adding JavaScript to your toolbox? Christopher Harrison shows how to create an object, classes, and inheritance, and looks into advanced topics, like managing asynchronous operations. Plus, explore cool add-ins to enhance your apps.


Let’s dev this. | Cloud Tour
Through October 29, 2015, nationwide
Use the new features of Visual Studio 2015 and Microsoft Azure to build a powerful, enterprise-grade cloud platform you can trust. Please join us for this full-day event to learn to build and move a variety of apps to the cloud.

Register Today: DEVintersection Conference
October 26–29, 2015, Las Vegas, NV
Your favorite Microsoft leaders take you on a journey with exciting new announcements this fall. Industry experts and Microsoft architects help you navigate the new releases and technologies in over 175 in-depth sessions. They will provide you real-world solutions to take back to your company.

Ignite your business – build your knowledge, connect, and have fun
Through December 3, 2015, nationwide
Dive deep into Windows 10 and Office with 300-level content around Windows 10 Adaptive UI, Microsoft Edge, and hosted web apps. Explore how to create connected user experiences with cloud services, and how to monetize and distribute apps through one store for all Windows devices.

Microsoft Cloud Roadshow – build your cloud skills
Through March 10, 2016, worldwide
At this free technical training event, learn best practices and gain insight directly from the experts who build and run cloud services across Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Windows 10, and more. You’ll learn something new and walk away ready to apply your new skills.

Student News

DreamSpark - Activate your Windows 10 publisher account
Students get a free Windows 10 publisher account via the program. During this video we walk you through getting a publisher code from and using it to activate your Windows 10 publisher account.


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