MSDN Flash - Volume 19, Number 22: November 3, 2015

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MSDN Magazine: Windows 10 Special Issue

Promote your apps – reach farther with new options

Create your first Universal Windows Platform app – simple, powerful ideas

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Discover 52 tips to improve your .NET performance

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.NET and Universal Windows Platform Development
From the Windows 10 special issue of MSDN Magazine, learn how you can use the latest .NET technology to build Universal Windows Platform applications for all Windows 10 devices, from smart phones and Internet of Things devices to PCs and room-based Surface Hub units.

Windows Composition Turns 10
The new Windows composition engine may be the most exciting thing in Windows 10, writes Kenny Kerr. Built on the Windows Runtime, it provides the foundation for high-performance rendering, and for the first time enables composition to work the same from multi-display PCs to smartphones.

Responsive Design for Universal Windows Apps
The Universal Windows Platform lets your apps run on a spectrum of devices, from wearables with tiny screens to the Surface Hub. Learn how responsive design techniques help you create great user interfaces on devices of all sizes and shapes.

Welcome to Windows 10 App Development
Kevin Gallo, vice president of the Windows Developer Platform team at Microsoft, says Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform are creating exciting new opportunities for developers.

It's really time for Real-Time Chess
Technical Evangelist David Washington was tired of slow chess, so he built real-time chess with . Take the new TechRewards Challenge and learn how David created his multiplayer chess game.

Visual Studio Code: Top 5 Tips
Technical evangelist Brian Sherwin shares his top five tips on what he likes about Visual Studio Code, including doing Node and JavaScript development. Learn how you can have the same editing experience on Mac, Linux, and Windows machines.

Channel 9: How to get into the games industry – networking
Technical Evangelist Dave Voyles illustrates a number of ways to get started in the gaming industry, regardless of your background. He demos how to create an online portfolio, and how to start networking and introduce people to your portfolio.

Microsoft for Startups: An Interview with Richard Conway from Elasta Games
In this edition of our Microsoft for Startups series, David Giard welcomes Richard Conway, Data Scientist for Elasta Games, to the show. Tune in as they chat about their startup, from what they do, to how they do it using Microsoft BizSpark and Azure.

Mastering Node.js Modules and Packages with Visual Studio Code
If you are already working with Node.js, but you’re not sure how packages and modules work, watch this on-demand course to see how the magic comes together. Find out why this server-side application framework is so popular, and see Visual Studio Code in action, with experts Jeremy Foster and Chris Kinsman.

One Dev Minute Video: Microsoft Edge F12 Tools
Microsoft Edge introduces great new improvements to F12 developer tools, including some of your most requested features from UserVoice . Explore new features in the DOM explorer, console, debugger, network, performance, memory, emulation, and a new experiments tool. Watch now.

Node.js on Azure
In this Raw Tech video, Sarah Sexton walks you through building your first Node.js app from scratch, all the way to deploying it on Azure.

Gaming in the Cloud series overview
With Construct 2, a free game making tool, you can create mobile games without writing any code. Learn how to create a 2D mobile game that is hosted as a website for you to share, and how to create a Wordpress site to promote your game.

Tidbits of Code and Node 01 - Introduction and Files and Folders
In Tidbits of Code and Node, Technical Evangelist Jeremy Foster will spend a few minutes showing you what he likes about Visual Studio Code, specifically about using it for writing Node.js code. In this first episode, learn how Code handles files and folders.

Introduction to WebGL 3D with HTML5 and Babylon.js
Build your 3D game with the same open source framework used to create Assassin’s Creed Pirates . Taught by the creators of Babylon.js, it’s an entertaining deep dive into 3D game development. Babylon.js is a free, open source gaming framework that streamlines WebGL functionality. Use Babylon.js to create 3D games and apps that work on every browser with a GPU device.

Integrating Visual Studio Code with dnx-watch to develop ASP.NET 5 applications
“Since ASP.NET 5 is still in active beta and moving very fast, some of the features I want when VSCode is used with ASP.NET aren’t there yet. Fortunately VSCode is very configurable…” Read more from Scott Hanselman.

Five features in Edge your site can take advantage of
There are hundreds of new standards, specifications, and features that are supported by Microsoft Edge. This blog post discusses five in particular, including web audio API and CSS3 Filters.

5 tips for Android developers transitioning to Windows Phone using unity
Harold Mintah, founder of Mintah , shares some tips for Android developers moving their apps to Windows Phone.


Ignite your business – Windows 10 and Office
Through December 3, 2015, nationwide
Dive deep into Windows 10 and Office with 300-level content around Windows 10 Adaptive UI, Microsoft Edge, and hosted web apps. Explore how to create connected user experiences with cloud services, and how to monetize and distribute apps through one store for all Windows devices.

Microsoft Cloud Roadshow – build your cloud skills
Through March 10, 2016, worldwide
At this free technical training event, learn best practices and gain insight directly from the experts who build and run cloud services across Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Windows 10, and more. You’ll learn something new and walk away ready to apply your new skills.

Student News

Get your game on with Imagine Cup
Know a student developer with an idea for a groundbreaking game? Tell them about Imagine Cup so they can form a team, bring their game to life, and maybe win up to US$50,000! Help them sign up today.


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