MSDN Flash - Volume 19, Number 25: December 14, 2015

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What’s new for developers in the Windows 10 SDK Build 10586 Update

Compliance <3s DevOps: Improve security and compliance with Chef and Azure

Microsoft Edge’s Chakra JavaScript engine is going open-source

Windows 10 IoT Core is available for commercial and industrial device builders

Edge of the web: manage your website packages with ASP.NET 5 and Bower
Learn how to use Bower with ASP.NET 5 to manage your website packages – all from the command line and without using Visual Studio 2015.

Build a cross-platform UX with Xamarin.Forms
With Xamarin, C# developers write applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the Mac OS X, while writing a custom UI for each target. Learn how Xamarin.Forms lets developers reuse UI code by leveraging common UI concepts across target mobile platforms.

Share your idea: what do you want to see on HoloLens?
The Share Your Idea website and forum is for developers to tell Microsoft what experiences you want to see on HoloLens. Ideas will be shared across the site, and the community will be able to vote on their favorites. Learn more.

Modern Tools for Web Development: Grunt and Gulp
In the second part of his series on front-end web development, Adam Tuliper covers Grunt and Gulp, two JavaScript-based task runners that let you perform all sorts of tasks, like copying files, minification, concatenation, and even compilation. Learn how you can create fully customizable dashboards with our flexible data visualization tools and distribute royalty-free.

Create fast, easy-to-maintain web applications: Get an intro to AngularJS
Tune in for some coding fun, with experts Stacey Mulcahy and Christopher Harrison. With your basic understanding of MVC and framework concepts, walk through the construction of a simple application, and learn how to leverage the built-in functionality of this framework in your own workflow.

Hackathon: Hack productivity, help people do and achieve more
Recode the productivity standard to help people do and achieve more using Microsoft Office 365. Enter by March 1, 2016. View full rules, eligibility, and register now to get started. US$32,500 in prizes.

Channel 9 Series: Visual Studio Code for Mac Developers
Visual Studio Code is a lightweight integrated developer environment that supports more than a dozen languages, features debugging and integration with source control systems, and is built on open source software.

Babylon.js: Building a Basic Game for the Web
Raanan Weber begins his two-part series on game development with Babylon.js by building a simple bowling game. Follow along as he creates meshes and textures them, adds cameras and light sources, and enables simple user interaction.

Enable hyperscale solutions with Azure Service Fabric and the Microservices Architecture
The microservices approach provides a compelling way to build robust, scalable and manageable cloud-based apps and services. Learn how microservices and the new Microsoft Azure Service Fabric combine to enable hyperscale solutions.

TechRewards Challenge: Think you know about localization? Test your knowledge and expand your horizons
As you know, our world is becoming smaller and smaller with the use of the web. With that being said, you should make sure you can speak to all audiences. Learn more about localization and how it can help you. Get started.

Startup Stories: An Interview with Haim Senior, CEO of Knowmail
David Giard welcomes Haim Senior, CEO of Knowmail , an email and messaging artificial intelligence engine that helps provide services such as prioritization, smart summary, and next best action. Learn about overcoming early hurdles, securing funding, and best practices for budding entrepreneurs.

Leverage Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport for secure authentication
Learn about secure authentication with Windows Hello, and how Microsoft Passport may be the end game for passwords and credential theft. Download the Key Credential Manager sample, and investigate the Windows.Security.Credentials namespace.

Node.js and npm for the Windows Developer
Learn best practices for Node.js with Visual Studio and Windows, including how and why to use npm packages and modules. succeeds with Microsoft Project Oxford Face API
With Project Oxford, developers across different platforms can easily add intelligence into their applications. We used the facial hair detector to create This site showcases the Face API and helps raise awareness for men’s health through our collaboration with the Movember Foundation.

TechRewards Challenge: Stay on top of the latest Windows releases with AppRaisin
AppRaisin helps Windows enthusiasts stay on top of the latest releases, major updates, and special offerings. Users decide what news rises to the top by “raising” the apps they like and ignoring the noise. Get started.

Get free Azure training from Microsoft Virtual Academy
These expert-led Microsoft Azure courses provide technical training designed to help you gain the knowledge you need for career success. Database as a service, advanced analytics, DevOps in the cloud, and many more topics will help you get a technical advantage over your competitors.


Microsoft Cloud Roadshow – build your cloud skills
Through March 10, 2016, worldwide
At this free technical training event, learn best practices and gain insight directly from the experts who build and run cloud services across Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Windows 10, and more. You’ll learn something new and walk away ready to apply your new skills. Resources

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