Azure Sphere OS feeds

Microsoft deploys cloud updates for the Azure Sphere OS through system software feeds. The Retail OS feed provides our software that is ready for production use. The RetailEval OS feed provides OS software 14 days before its release to the Retail OS feed, so that you can verify compatibility before broad deployment. Each time we release the OS to either feed, we will notify you through the usual channels.

Applications that are built with production APIs are compatible with updated OS releases. Beta features, however, may change from one release to the next.

Each default device group is associated with an OS feed. If you set up your own device group by using the azsphere device-group create command, you can specify the appropriate OS feed. Cloud application deployments to connected devices at end-user sites should always use the Retail feed.

To verify your applications with the Retail Evaluation OS, we recommend that you set up a separate Retail Evaluation device group that depends on the RetailEval feed.


Contact your Microsoft Technical Account Manager (TAM) immediately if you encounter any compatibility problems so that we can assess and address the problem before we release the OS software to the Retail feed.