Set up a device group for OS evaluation

Microsoft deploys the updated Azure Sphere OS on the Retail Evaluation Azure Sphere OS feed before releasing it on the Retail Azure Sphere OS feed, as described in Azure Sphere OS feeds. By using the Retail Evaluation feed, you can verify production-signed applications against the new release before we deploy it broadly on the Retail feed.

The instructions in this topic assume:

  • The device that is attached to your PC will be used for evaluation.
  • Your device already has an OTA application deployment. If not, follow the steps in Deploy an application over the air to set one up.

To verify your applications against the Retail Evaluation Azure Sphere OS, you need to create both a new device group and a new feed, as follows:

  1. Connect your device to your PC.

  2. Create a new device group that enables application updates:

    azsphere device-group create --name "Retail Evaluation Group with OTA app"

    You will use the device group ID in a later step.

  3. Get information about the current OTA configuration for the attached device, so that you can set up a new feed with the same configuration:

    azsphere device image list-targeted

    You can find the image set ID and the component IDs in the output. You will use these in later steps.

    Successfully retrieved the current image set for device with ID '<device-ID>' from your Azure Sphere tenant:  
      --> Image set ID:  188a93b8-d304-4230-a6af-b58ac33af819
      --> Image set name: ImageSet-lan-enc28j60-isu0-int5_4add93-PrivateEthernet-2018.11.27-09.59.42+00:00
     Images to be installed:
       --> lan-enc28j60-isu0-int5_4add93
         --> Image type:   Board configuration
         --> Component ID: 4add937b-5f32-4b9d-b5fa-568007b26e6a 
         --> Image ID:     015ecc67-7667-4fe0-8ed6-c7587c9554b4
       --> PrivateEthernet
         --> Image type:   Application
         --> Component ID: 283b16c8-d6a2-4d56-8abb-f390b0d3dda9<
         --> Image ID:     f0b357e0-8a9f-4037-8116-4b4037ff7562
     Command completed successfully in 00:00:03.2752069.
  4. Add the attached device to the new device group:

    azsphere device update-device-group --devicegroupid <device-group-ID>

    To add more devices, use the same command but add the --deviceid <deviceID> option.

  5. Create a Retail Evaluation application feed that depends on the Retail Evaluation Azure Sphere OS feed and delivers the same components as your current OTA configuration. The following command creates and names the feed and assigns it to the device group that contains the attached device.

    azsphere device link-feed --dependentfeedid 82bacf85-990d-4023-91c5-c6694a9fa5b4 --newfeedname "Eval Feed for OTA App" --componentid <component-ID>,<component-ID>,...

    After you link this feed, all devices in the same device group as the attached device will get the new feed.

    You will use the new feed ID in the next step.

  6. Add the existing image set to the new feed:

    azsphere feed image-set add --feedid <new-feedID> --imagesetid <image-set-ID>

  7. Verify that the attached device is in the intended device group:

    azsphere device show-ota-config

  8. Verify that the device will continue to receive the images you expect:

    azsphere device image list-targeted

  9. Within 24 hours, your device should receive the Retail Evaluation OS OTA. To trigger OTA update in the next 10 minutes, press the Reset button on the device. To verify that the device has received the Retail Evaluation OS:

    azsphere device show-ota-status


Contact your Microsoft Technical Account Manager (TAM) immediately if you encounter any compatibility issues so that we can assess and address the issue before we release the OS software to the Retail feed.