Get support for Azure Stack HCI

Applies to: Azure Stack HCI, version 20H2

This topic provides guidance on how to get support for the Azure Stack HCI operating system. Azure Stack HCI follows the same support process as Azure. Enterprise customers can follow the process described in Create an Azure support request. If you're a customer of a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), contact your CSP for support.

To create an Azure Stack HCI support request requires one of the following Azure support plans: Standard, Professional Direct, or Developer. You cannot use the Basic plan.

For more information, see:

Azure support resources for Azure Stack HCI

For information about other Azure Stack HCI support resources available through Azure, see:

Partner support resources for Azure Stack HCI

Azure Stack HCI Integrated System solution hardware from your preferred hardware partner arrives with the operating system preinstalled. You can expect hardware service, support, and security updates from your hardware partner for at least five years. For more information, see Updates and upgrades.

To learn more about Integrated System partners and their solutions and support offerings, see the Azure Stack HCI Catalog.

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