Verifying Hardware Lifecycle Host access and health

Log in to the iDRAC and the Hardware Lifecycle Host (HLH) OS and verify the system health.

  1. Connect to the iDRAC.

    1. Using a web browser, navigate to the iDRAC web interface and log in using the credentials provided by the customer.

      Screenshot that shows the iDRAC login page.

    2. From the top navigation menu, select System.

      Screenshot that shows the Dashboard with the 'System' menu highlighted.

    3. From the Overview tab, verify the system is completely healthy or shows the issue expected that should be remediate during this hardware replacement.

      Screenshot that shows the 'System' page with the overview tiles highlighted.

  2. Connect to the HLH OS using the iDRAC virtual console.


    You can skip this step if you log in using a crash cart with VGA and USB connections.

    1. In the iDRAC web interface, select Dashboard.

      Screenshot that shows the 'Dashboard' button selected.

    2. In the Virtual Console pane, select Settings.

      Screenshot that shows the 'Settings' button selected.

    3. Check the Plug-in Type is set to HTML 5. If it is not, change this, select Apply, and then OK when prompted.

      Screenshot that shows the 'Configuration' page with 'Plug-in Type - HTML5' and the 'Apply' button selected.

    4. Select Launch Virtual Console.

      Screenshot that shows the 'Configuration' page with the 'Launch Virtual Console' option highlighted.

    5. If a pop-up warning is displayed, change the browser settings to always allow. For example, in Internet Explorer, select Options for this site and select Always allow. If required, after changing the browser setting, repeat the previous step to launch the virtual console.

      Screenshot that shows the 'Warning' pop-up displayed.

    6. The virtual console should now be present. To log in to the operating system, from the top hand menu, select Console Controls.

      Screenshot that shows the virtual console with the 'Console Controls' button selected.

    7. Select the Keyboard Macro, Ctrl+Alt-Del and select Apply and then Close.

      Screenshot that shows the 'Console Controls' screen with 'Keyboard Macros' and the 'Close' button selected.

    8. Select the user based on the credentials provided by the customer, enter the password and select the arrow to log in.

      Screenshot that shows user credentials being entered.

      You are now logged in to the HLH.

  3. Verify health.

    1. Launch Server Manager.

      Screenshot that shows 'Server Manager' selected.

    2. Select Yes to the User Account Control prompt.

      Screenshot that shows the 'User Account Control' prompt with the 'Yes' button selected.

    3. From the Tools menu, select Hyper-V Manager.

      Screenshot that shows the 'Tools' menu open and 'Hyper-V Manager' selected.

    4. In Hyper-V Manager, select the top node in the left menu and then verify that VMs such as the Privileged Access Workstation, if applicable, are in a Running state.