Billing model overview

As a user of the Modular Data Center or Azure Stack Hub Ruggedized, you are billed by Microsoft based on how long you have each appliance. The charge is per period, and includes the right to use the basic compute, storage and networking services, App Service, IoT Hub and its prerequisites, and auxiliary services such as Key Vault. Use of Windows Server as a guest operating system is also included.

Billing starts 14 days after an order for an appliance is shipped. For Azure Stack Hub Containerized, the initial billing period is one year. After one year, the order can be extended for an additional year, and another year of usage will be billed. If the order is not extended and the device is not returned, billing will continue on a monthly basis. For Azure Stack Hub Ruggedized, billing is always on a monthly basis.

When the appliance is returned to Microsoft, billing stops as soon as the appliance is received back at the Microsoft warehouse.