Create an Azure Active Directory B2C tenant in the Azure portal

This Quickstart helps you create a Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) B2C tenant in just a few minutes. When you're finished, you have a B2C tenant (also known as a directory) to use for registering B2C applications.


If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a free account before you begin.

Log in to Azure

Log in to the Azure portal.

Create an Azure AD B2C tenant

B2C features can't be enabled in your existing tenants. You need to create an Azure AD B2C tenant.

Click the Create a resource button. In the Search the marketplace field, enter Azure Active Directory B2C.

Add button highlighted and the text Azure Active Directory B2C in the search the marketplace field

In the results list, select Azure Active Directory B2C.

Azure Active Directory B2C selected in the results list

Details about Azure Active Directory B2C are shown. To begin configuring your new Azure Active Directory B2C tenant, click the Create button.

Select Create a new Azure AD B2C Tenant. The settings specified in the following table use the company name Contoso as an example. You will need to provide your own organization name and a unique tenant name when creating your tenant.

Azure AD B2C create tenant with sample text in the available fields

Setting Sample value Description
Organization name Contoso Name of the organization.
Initial domain name ContosoB2CTenant Domain name for the B2C tenant. By default, the initial domain name includes If you are creating a test tenant, choose a non-production name such as ContosoB2CTesting.
Country or region United States Choose the country or region for the directory. The directory will be created in this location and cannot be changed later.

Click the Create button to create your tenant. Creating the tenant may take a few minutes. You are alerted in your notifications when it is complete.

Congratulations, you have created an Azure Active Directory B2C tenant. You are a Global Administrator of the tenant. You can add other Global Administrators as required. To switch to your new tenant, click the manage your new tenant link.

Manage your new tenant link


If you are planning to use a B2C tenant for a production app, read the article on production-scale vs. preview B2C tenants. There are known issues when you delete an existing B2C tenant and re-create it with the same domain name. You need to create a B2C tenant with a different domain name.

You need to link your Azure AD B2C tenant to your Azure subscription to enable all B2C functionality and pay for usage charges. To learn more, read this article. If you don't link your Azure AD B2C tenant to your Azure subscription, some functionality is blocked and, you see a warning message ("No Subscription linked to this B2C tenant or the Subscription needs your attention.") in the B2C settings. It is important that you take this step before you ship your apps into production.

Easy access to settings

To switch to your Azure AD B2C tenant, select the B2C directory in the top-right corner of the portal.

Switch to your Azure AD B2C tenant

Select Azure AD B2C from the services list in the Azure portal.

Select B2C service

If Azure AD B2C isn't in the services list, expand All services in the navigation bar at the top-left side of the portal. Search for Azure AD B2C and select Azure AD B2C in the result list. You can also select the star icon to add Azure AD B2C it your favorite services list.

Searching for Azure AD B2C service

You can also access the blade by entering Azure AD B2C in Search resources at the top of the portal. In the results list, select Azure AD B2C to access the B2C settings blade.

Next steps