Preview of the Azure Active Directory management experience in the Azure portal

The Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) management experience is in preview in the Azure portal. You can try it out by signing in to the Azure portal as a global administrator of your directory. Then, select Azure Active Directory in the services list if it is visible, or select More services to view the list of all services. You do not need an Azure subscription to use the Azure AD management experience in the Azure portal.

Learn about what you can do in the preview experience

The preview experience enables you to manage many directory resources such as users, groups, applications, and directory settings in the Azure portal. We are improving this experience to include all the capabilities that exist in the Azure AD management experience in the Azure classic portal. Until then, there are some directory management tasks that you must still complete in the classic portal.

Manage the same Azure AD tenants

The preview experience reads and writes to the same Azure Active Directory tenant as the classic portal and the Office 365 Admin center. Changes that are made in any of these portals are reflected in all the other portals.

Use the same authorization logic

The preview experience uses the same authorization logic as existing Active Directory clients. Users are authorized to make changes to directory resources based on their directory role, such as global administrator, user administrator, and password administrator. Having a role on Azure resources or an Azure subscription doesn't give users the authorization to manage directory resources. For more information about Azure AD management roles, see Assigning administrator roles in Azure Active Directory.

The preview experience is optimized for global administrators. If you use the preview experience while signed in as a user that is not a global administrator, you might have a degraded experience. For example, you might be able to select a button that lets you begin a task that you can't complete in the directory. We will be improving this experience soon.

Next steps

You can provide feedback on the preview experience in the admin portal section of the Azure AD feedback forum.