Azure AD self-service password reset for the IT professional

With Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) self-service password reset (SSPR), users can reset their passwords on their own when and where they need to. At the same time, administrators can control how a user's password gets reset. Users no longer need to call a help desk just to reset their password. Azure AD SSPR includes:

  • Self-service password change: The user knows their password but wants to change it to something new.
  • Self-service password reset: The user is unable to sign in and wants to reset their password by using one or more of the following validated authentication methods:
    • Send a text message to a validated mobile phone.
    • Make a phone call to a validated mobile or office phone.
    • Send an email to a validated secondary email account.
    • Answer their security questions.
  • Self-service account unlock: The user is unable to sign in with their password and has been locked out. The user wants to unlock their account without administrator intervention by using their authentication methods.

Why choose Azure AD SSPR

Azure AD SSPR helps you to:

  • Reduce costs as help desk assisted password resets typically account for 20% of an IT organization’s support calls.
  • Improve end-user experiences and reduce help desk volume by giving end users the power to resolve their own password problems. There is no need to call a help desk or open a support request.
  • Drive mobility as users can reset their passwords from wherever they are.
  • Maintain control of the security policy. Administrators can continue to enforce the policies they have today.

If you're ready, you can get started with Azure AD SSPR by using our quick start guidance. You can quickly give your users to ability to reset their own passwords.

Azure AD SSPR availability

Azure AD SSPR is available in three tiers depending on your subscription:

  • Azure AD Free: Cloud-only administrators can reset their own passwords.
  • Azure AD Basic or any paid Office 365 subscription: Cloud-only users can reset their own passwords.
  • Azure AD Premium: Any user or administrator, including cloud-only, federated, pass-through authentication, or password hash synchronized users, can reset their own passwords. On-premises passwords require password writeback to be enabled.

Azure AD pricing, SLA, updates, and roadmap

More details about licensing, pricing, and future plans can be found on the following sites:

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