Azure Active Directory B2B collaboration API and customization

We've had many customers tell us that they want to customize the invitation process in a way that works best for their organizations. With our API, you can do just that.

Capabilities of the invitation API

The API offers the following capabilities:

  1. Invite an external user with any email address.

    "invitedUserDisplayName": "Sam"
    "invitedUserEmailAddress": ""
  2. Customize where you want your users to land after they accept their invitation.

    "inviteRedirectUrl": ""
  3. Choose to send the standard invitation mail through us

    "sendInvitationMessage": true

    with a message to the recipient that you can customize

    "customizedMessageBody": "Hello Sam, let's collaborate!"
  4. And choose to cc: people you want to keep in the loop about your inviting this collaborator.

  5. Or completely customize your invitation and onboarding workflow by choosing not to send notifications through Azure AD.

    "sendInvitationMessage": false

    In this case, you get back a redemption URL from the API that you can embed in an email template, IM, or other distribution method of your choice.

  6. Finally, if you are an admin, you can choose to invite the user as member.

    "invitedUserType": "Member"

Authorization model

The API can be run in the following authorization modes:

App + User mode

In this mode, whoever is using the API needs to have the permissions to be create B2B invitations.

App only mode

In app only context, the app needs the User.Invite.All scope for the invitation to succeed.

For more information, refer to:


It is now possible to use PowerShell to add and invite external users to an organization easily. Create an invitation using the cmdlet:


You can use the following options:

  • -InvitedUserDisplayName
  • -InvitedUserEmailAddress
  • -SendInvitationMessage
  • -InvitedUserMessageInfo

You can also check out the invitation API reference in

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