About v2.0

The v2.0 endpoint and platform has been in preview and continually enhanced. Today, the JavaScript single-page application (SPA) scenarios are feature complete and we invite you to use MSAL.js to build browser-based applications and give us feedback so we can update the status from preview to general availability (GA).


MSAL Android, iOS, and .NET still have features under development. You can use them to build applications and send us feedback.

The Azure portal developer experience has been significantly updated to now include all your applications built with ADAL or MSAL, and to improve usability.

In the past, application developers who wanted to support both personal Microsoft accounts and work accounts from Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) had to integrate with two separate systems. The v2.0 endpoint and platform provides an authentication API version that simplifies this process. It enables sign-in from both types of accounts by using a single integration. Applications that use the v2.0 endpoint can also consume the REST APIs from the Microsoft Graph API by using either type of account.

Getting started

Choose your favorite platform from the following list to build an application by using the Microsoft open source libraries and frameworks. You can also use the OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect protocols to send and receive protocol messages directly without using an authentication library.

Mobile and native apps Web apps and web APIs Integrate directly with protocols
Add sign-in to an iOS application Add sign-in to a JavaScript Single Page Application (SPA) Register an application
Add sign-in to an Android application Add sign-in to a ASP.NET application Mobile applications with the OAuth 2.0 protocol
Add sign-in to a Windows Desktop application Add sign-in to a ASP.NET Core Web application Web applications with the OpenID Connect protocol
Add sign-in to a multi-platform Xamarin application Add sign-in to a Node.js web application JavaScript SPAs with the OpenID Connect protocol
Protect an ASP.NET Web API Daemon applications with the OAuth 2.0 client credentials flow
Protect an ASP.NET Core Web API

Learn more about the v2.0 endpoint and platform

Learn about what you can do with the Azure AD v2.0 endpoint:

Additional resources

Explore in-depth information about v2.0:


If you only need to sign in work and school accounts from Azure Active Directory, start with the Azure AD developer's guide. The v2.0 endpoint is intended for use by developers who explicitly need to sign in Microsoft personal accounts.

Help and support

If you need help, want to report an issue, or want to learn more about your support options, see the following article: