Reset the password for a user in Azure Active Directory

Administrators may need to reset a user's password in cases where they forgot, were locked out, or other scenarios. The steps that follow guide you through resetting a user's password.

How to reset the password for a user

  1. Sign in to the Azure AD Admin Center with an account that has directory permissions to reset user passwords.
  2. Select Azure Active Directory > Users and groups > All users.
  3. Select the user you would like to reset the password for.
  4. For the selected user, select Reset password.

    Reset a password for a user from the User profile in Azure AD

  5. On Reset password, select Reset password.

  6. A temporary password is displayed that you can then provide to the user. The user will be asked to then change their password the next time they logon.


    This temporary password does not have an expiration time so it will be valid until they log in and are then are forced to change it.

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