Hybrid Identity directory integration tools comparison

Over the years the directory integration tools have grown and evolved.

  • FIM and MIM are still supported and primarily enable synchronization between on-premises systems. The FIM Windows Azure AD Connector is supported in both FIM and MIM, but not recommended for new deployments - customers with on-premises sources such as Notes or SAP HCM should use MIM to populate Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) and then also use either Azure AD Connect sync or Azure AD Connect cloud provisioning to synchronize from AD DS to Azure AD.
  • Azure AD Connect sync incorporates the components and functionality previously released in DirSync and Azure AD Sync, for synchronizing between AD DS forests and Azure AD.
  • Azure AD Connect cloud provisioning is a new Microsoft agent for synching from AD DS to Azure AD, useful for scenarios such as merger and acquisition where the acquired company's AD forests are isolated from the parent company's AD forests.

To learn more about the differences between Azure AD Connect sync and Azure AD Connect cloud provisioning, see the article What is Azure AD Connect cloud provisioning?

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