Manage protocols and ciphers in Azure API Management

Azure API Management supports multiple versions of Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol for:

  • Client side
  • Backend side
  • The 3DES cipher

This guide shows you how to manage protocols and ciphers configuration for an Azure API Management instance.

Manage protocols and ciphers in APIM


How to manage TLS protocols and 3DES cipher

  1. Navigate to your API Management instance in the Azure portal.
  2. Scroll to the Security section in the side menu.
  3. Under the Security section, select Protocols + ciphers.
  4. Enable or disable desired protocols or ciphers.
  5. Click Save. Changes will be applied within an hour.


Some protocols or cipher suites (like backend-side TLS 1.2) can't be enabled or disabled from the Azure portal. Instead, you'll need to apply the REST call. Use the properties.customProperties structure in the Create/Update API Management Service REST API article.

Next steps

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