Create your first ASP.NET web app in Azure in five minutes

This Quickstart helps you deploy your first ASP.NET web app to Azure App Service in just a few minutes.

Before you start, make sure that the Azure CLI has been installed. For more information, see Azure CLI installation guide.

Log in to Azure

Log in to Azure by running az login and following the on-screen directions.

az login

Create a resource group

Create a resource group. This is where you put all the Azure resources that you want to manage together, such as the web app and its SQL Database back end.

az group create --location "West Europe" --name myResourceGroup

To see what possible values you can use for ---location, use the az appservice list-locations Azure CLI command.

Create an App Service plan

Create a "FREE" App Service plan.

az appservice plan create --name my-free-appservice-plan --resource-group myResourceGroup --sku FREE

Create a web app

Create a web app with a unique name in <app_name>.

az appservice web create --name <app_name> --resource-group myResourceGroup --plan my-free-appservice-plan

Deploy sample application

Deploy a sample ASP.NET app from GitHub.

az appservice web source-control config --name <app_name> --resource-group myResourceGroup \
--repo-url "" --branch master --manual-integration 

Browse to web app

To see your app running live in Azure, run this command.

az appservice web browse --name <app_name> --resource-group myResourceGroup

Congratulations, your first ASP.NET web app is running live in Azure App Service.

Clean up resources

To remove all the resources created by this QuickStart, run the following command:

az group delete --name myResourceGroup

Next steps

Explore pre-created Web apps CLI scripts.