Application Gateway Documentation

Learn how to deploy Application Gateway, an application delivery controller (ADC) as a service. Tutorials, API references, and other documentation show you how to set up application-level routing and load balancing services that let you build a scalable and highly-available web front end.

5-Minute Quickstarts

Learn how to manage web traffic to your resources using Application Gateway:

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Learn how to deploy, manage, and monitor application gateways on Azure

  1. Manage web traffic with an application gateway.
  2. Restrict web traffic with a web application firewall on an application gateway.
  3. Enable SSL termination on an application gateway.
  4. Host multiple web sites using an application gateway.
  5. Route traffic based on the URL in an application gateway.
  6. Redirect traffic to specific servers in an application gateway pool.


Manage web traffic with an application gateway.