Upgrade Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes agents

Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes provides both automatic and manual upgrade capabilities for its agents. If you disable automatic upgrade and instead rely on manual upgrade, a version support policy applies for Arc agents and the underlying Kubernetes clusters.

Toggle automatic upgrade on or off when connecting cluster to Azure Arc

By default, Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes provides its agents with out-of-the-box automatic upgrade capabilities.

The following command connects a cluster to Azure Arc with automatic upgrade enabled:

az connectedk8s connect --name AzureArcTest1 --resource-group AzureArcTest

With automatic upgrade enabled, the agent polls Azure hourly to check for a newer version. When a newer version becomes available, it triggers a Helm chart upgrade for the Azure Arc agents.

To opt out of automatic upgrade, specify the --disable-auto-upgrade parameter while connecting the cluster to Azure Arc.

The following command connects a cluster to Azure Arc with auto-upgrade disabled:

az connectedk8s connect --name AzureArcTest1 --resource-group AzureArcTest --disable-auto-upgrade


If you plan to disable automatic upgrade, be aware of the version support policy for Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes.

Toggle automatic upgrade on or off after connecting cluster to Azure Arc

After you connect a cluster to Azure Arc, you can change the automatic upgrade selection by using the az connectedk8s update command and setting --auto-upgrade to either true or false.

The following command turns automatic upgrade off for a connected cluster:

az connectedk8s update --name AzureArcTest1 --resource-group AzureArcTest --auto-upgrade false

Manually upgrade agents

If you've disabled automatic upgrade, you can manually initiate upgrades for the agents by using the az connectedk8s upgrade command. When doing so, you must specify the version to which you want to upgrade.

Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes follows the standard semantic versioning scheme of MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH for versioning its agents. Each number in the version indicates general compatibility with the previous version:

  • Major versions change when there are incompatible API updates or backwards-compatibility may be broken.
  • Minor versions change when functionality changes are backwards-compatible to other minor releases.
  • Patch versions change when backwards-compatible bug fixes are made.

While the schedule may vary, a new minor version of Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes agents is released approximately once per month.

The following command upgrades the agent to version 1.1.0:

az connectedk8s upgrade -g AzureArcTest1 -n AzureArcTest --agent-version 1.1.0

Version support policy

When you create support requests for Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes, the following version support policy applies:

  • Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes agents have a support window of "N-2", where 'N' is the latest minor release of agents.

    • For example, if Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes introduces 0.28.a today, versions 0.28.a, 0.28.b, 0.27.c, 0.27.d, 0.26.e, and 0.26.f are supported.
  • Kubernetes clusters connecting to Azure Arc have a support window of "N-2", where 'N' is the latest stable minor release of upstream Kubernetes.

    • For example, if Kubernetes introduces 1.20.a today, versions 1.20.a, 1.20.b, 1.19.c, 1.19.d, 1.18.e, and 1.18.f are supported.

If you create a support request and are using a version that is outside of the support policy (older than the "N-2" supported versions of agents and upstream Kubernetes clusters), you'll be asked to upgrade the clusters and agents to a supported version.

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