Supported languages in Azure Functions

This article explains the levels of support offered for languages that you can use with Azure Functions.

Levels of support

There are three levels of support:

  • Generally available (GA) - Fully supported and approved for production use.
  • Preview - Not yet supported but is expected to reach GA status in the future.
  • Experimental - Not supported and might be abandoned in the future; no guarantee of eventual preview or GA status.

Languages in runtime 1.x and 2.x

Two versions of the Azure Functions runtime are available. The 1.x runtime is GA. It's the only runtime that is approved for production applications. The 2.x runtime is currently in preview, so the languages it supports are in preview. The following table shows which languages are supported in each runtime version.

Language 1.x 2.x
C# GA Preview
JavaScript GA Preview
F# GA Preview
Java N/A Preview
Python Experimental N/A
PHP Experimental N/A
TypeScript Experimental N/A
Batch (.cmd, .bat) Experimental N/A
Bash Experimental N/A
PowerShell Experimental N/A

For information about planned changes to language support, see Azure roadmap.

Experimental languages

The experimental languages in version 1.x don't scale well and don't support all bindings. For example, Python is slow because the Functions runtime runs python.exe with each function invocation. And while Python supports HTTP bindings, it can't access the request object.

Experimental support for PowerShell is limited to version 5.1, because that is what's installed by default on the VMs on which function apps run. If you want to run PowerShell scripts, consider Azure Automation.

If you want to use one of the languages that are only available in 1.x, stay on the 1.x runtime. But don't use experimental languages for anything that you rely on, as there is no official support for them. You can request help by creating GitHub issues, but support cases should not be opened for problems with experimental languages.

The version 2.x runtime doesn't support experimental languages. Support for new languages is added only when the language can be supported in production.

Language extensibility

The 2.x runtime is designed to offer language extensibility. Among the first languages to be based on this extensibility model is Java, which is in preview in 2.x.

Next steps

To learn more about how to use one of the GA or preview languages in Azure Functions, see the following resources: